Hibiscus 75

A twist on the classic French 75, this cocktail uses wild hibiscus syrup in place of the classic simple syrup. Hibiscus is such a lovely flavour – rather similar to raspberry – and the flowers are so beautiful (as well as being edible). You can buy them here, or try your local deli.


Ingredients (per cocktail):
– 45ml gin
– 10ml lime juice
– 7ml hibiscus syrup (from the jar)
– 1 hibiscus flower
– top up with champagne

1. Stir together the gin, lime juice and hibiscus syrup in a jug; chill for at least 10 minutes. This part can also be done in advance for maximum ease!

2. Pour the gin mixture into a chilled cocktail glass and place a hibiscus flower in the centre. Top up with champagne.


Throwing a New Year’s Eve party? Why not rustle up some mini pesto pastry swirls and griddled courgette salad – or homemade guacamole and hummus? Whatever your plans – I hope you have a wonderful evening. A very happy 2016 to you all! 


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