My Work

Monthly food features and occasional recipes for Tesco Magazine, from May 2016-present.

Developed a Blood Orange & Pistachio Pots recipe for Tesco magazine (January 2021) in collaboration with Carnation and Elmea.

Developed a Cinnamon & Orange Bread & Butter Pudding recipe for Tesco magazine (December 2020) in collaboration with Oatly and Schwartz.

Featured in The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald:
Interview and recipes (January 2019)
Interview and recipes (November 2014)

Featured in The Guardian’s Reader Recipe Swap:
Meringue: recipe for Vegan Fig, Blackberry & Pistachio Pavlova, November 2016
Pie fillings: recipe for Garden Pot Pie, September 2016
Lavender: recipe for Lemon, Lavender & Almond Pancakes, August 2016
Kids’ Parties: recipe for Raspberry Vanilla Biscuits, August 2016
Picnics: recipe for Banana, Pecan & Cacao Loaf Cake, July 2016
Strawberries and Cream: recipe for Roasted Strawberries with Whipped Feta, Balsamic & Mint, July 2016

Sisters, Sweets & Vegetarian Marshmallows‘: a think-piece for Lolly’s Sweet Treats, May 2016

Partnered with Ragged Rose to produce an exclusive Lemon, Lavender & Almond Pancakes recipe, February 2016

Featured in The i Paper: recipe for Mixed Bean & Red Wine Cassoulet, October 2015

Featured in Families South East Magazine (This is Uni Food). Recommended as a blog to watch in May 2014, and July/August 2012

My chilli recipe on The Sainsbury’s Magazine website, after I won their Reader Recipe competition in November 2013

This Is Uni Food, my previous food blog

myTaste, listed in the top 150 food blogs

Various recipes featured on Foodies100

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