Roasted Squash and Beetroot Salad

I don’t often have a salad as a main meal – it tends to be an accompaniment to something else – but this one takes centre stage for itself. It’s more filling than you’d think and so easy to make, plus it’s right in season at the moment, too.


Ingredients (serves 4):
– 1 butternut squash
– 4 beetroot
– olive oil
– 1tsp chopped, fresh rosemary
– salt and pepper
– 200g mixed salad leaves
– ½ cucumber
– 250g soft goats’ cheese
– salad dressing (my favourite here)

1. Preheat your oven to 200°C. Peel and chop the beetroot and squash, and place into a large ovenproof dish. Drizzle over some olive oil (about 2tbsp) and sprinkle over the rosemary and some salt and pepper, then stir to coat. Put this in the oven for about 45 minutes, stirring every 15, until the vegetables are soft and their edges are beginning to caramelise.

2. Wash the leaves and wash and slice the cucumber – then either mix in the roasted vegetables, or arrange them on top of the leaves. Crumble over the goats’ cheese and drizzle over your dressing, and voila!


If you’re feeling especially indulgent and affluent, you can substitute the soft goats’ cheese for individual goats’ cheese rounds: place in the oven for two minutes to soften and melt them slightly.




    Check this link out for a variation of the goats cheese salad which is not murdered by slimy cucumbers and piping hot squash segments which can only destroy any hope of eating what is supposed to be a cold salad. Youre welcome.

    Also try not to drown it in french dressing, a drizzle of basil oil will do. One last point, your presentation would make angels weep tears of disappointment and blood.


    • I’m sorry cucumbers offend you so! It’s not meant to be a cold salad: I eat it as a main meal, nor do I use French dressing. I didn’t try to present it fancily either: I photographed it as we ate it – it was a family meal so at the time I thought eating together took precedence!
      I don’t pretend to be a professional – if you don’t like it, please look elsewhere, there are plenty of wonderful blogs which I’m sure you’ll love.


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