Featured & Press

Winner of The Guardian’s Reader Recipe Swap (Pie fillings: recipe for Garden Pot Pie), September 2016

Featured in The Guardian’s Reader Recipe Swap:
Meringue: recipe for Vegan Fig, Blackberry & Pistachio Pavlova, November 2016
Lavender: recipe for Lemon, Lavender & Almond Pancakes, August 2016
Kids’ Parties: recipe for Raspberry Vanilla Biscuits, August 2016
Picnics: recipe for Banana, Pecan & Cacao Loaf Cake, July 2016
Strawberries and Cream: recipe for Roasted Strawberries with Whipped Feta, Balsamic & Mint, July 2016

Sisters, Sweets & Vegetarian Marshmallows‘: a think-piece for Lolly’s Sweet Treats, May 2016

Exclusive Lemon, Lavender & Almond Pancakes recipe for Ragged Rose, February 2016

Featured in The i Paper (recipe for Mixed Bean and Red Wine Cassoulet), October 2015

A number of articles on the Sainsbury’s Magazine website:
James Morton’s Tips for Perfect Pastry
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Elderflowers
Brunches with a Twist
What’s all the fuss about… Maple water?
5 of our favourite gluten-free flour alternatives

Featured in The Cumberland and Westmorland Herald (interview and recipes), November 2014
Families South East Magazine (This Is Uni Food), May 2014

My chilli recipe on The Sainsbury’s Magazine website, after I won their Reader Recipe competition in November 2013

Interviewed Ruby Tandoh for The Smoke (London Student; November 2013), for which I was Food Editor from 2013-2014
Families South East Magazine (This IS Uni Food), July/August 2012

The Orbital, for which I was Lifestyle Editor from 2013-14, and provided numerous recipes

This Is Uni Food, my previous food blog

The Vegetarian Society website, on which this website (as well as Uni Food) is featured as a recommended vegetarian food blog

myTaste, listed in the top 500 food blogs

Various recipes featured on Foodies100


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